Experiencing God



 Intergenerational Small Groups

Sunday Evenings

6:00 -7:30pm

11 Weeks: September 11th to November 20th

Sign Up by clicking HERE by September 5th! 


All elderly, adults, young adults, and students (grade 6 and up) alike are encouraged to take this challenging commitment seriously:

What would God do with you, and with our church, if you –personally- committed to a daily devotion and weekly discussion about where you see God at work?

For 11 weeks: Let’s find out!

PSCRC Staff and Council are encouraging ALL members of the congregation to consider signing up to be a part of an 11 week Intergenerational Small Group Study. We will be utilizing “The Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God Workbook (Updated and Revised Version)” by Blackaby, Blackaby and King.  (Note: there are many different "Experiencing God" materials put out by the Blackabys; we have chosen this workbook as it is the most user freindly for applying the concepts directly to one's own life.)



How will this work?

We will be using a “large group – small group” format, based on this example of how Granger Community Church utilized the study with their congregation in the past! We will set up tables in the fellowship hall, and each small group will discuss around a table; while the study is facilitated by one central leader.

Will I get to choose my own small group?

Yes, but no. If you are already in an established small group, and would like to complete the study together – please let us know! Otherwise, we will ask you to indicate 1 or 2 other people (or couples) who you are comfortable with, whom you would like to be in a small group with. From there, we will work to assemble groups! (Note: MS students and HS students will be their own, separate small groups.)

 When you say "intergenerational" - does that mean there may be a 20 year old and an 80 year old at the same table?

I'll never say never...  but we do not anticipate doing that at this time. In general, we are going to work to peice together small groups in such a way that everyone can feel comfortable and understood in their small group, but they also have oppertunity to devlop new relationships with people who are in similar, but perhaps a little different, stages of life as them. 

The "Intergenerational" piece speaks more to the point that we will ALL be doing this together -- from 6th graders to those celebrating 60th wedding anniversaries, we will all be working through the same material, and looking to see where God is directing us!

If we're all working through the same material, won't it "miss" some of us?

Throughout years, and cultures, and many church bodies, the Experiencing God study has been shown to be profoundly applicable to all those who have a relationship with Christ, and who are looking to experience that relationship in a new way.

I’m looking at my calendar, and I already know that I can’t make 1 or 2 of those nights…

We know. Life happens. If you are unable to make it occasionally, as long as you are still doing your daily devotions, we believe this will still be a huge value to your walk with Christ, and to our greater Church body as we discern together where God is leading us.

Wait, daily devotions?

Yes, daily devotions! Most of the hardwork of this study is actually done in your own personal devotion time every week. During the week you will have 5 different devotions to do to help you seek God in new and different ways. This is one of the cornerstones of the study -- as we do not want to just study about God, but we want to listen to Him and grow in our relationship with Him! 

Sundy evening Small Group time will be the time where we recap, provide some (grace-filled!) accountability to one another, and synthesize what God has been saying to us individually and as a congregation throughout the week.


How do I sign up?

Sign ups will take place from August 21st till September 5th – you can email annika@pscrc.org, click HERE,  or sign up in the fellowship hall. Each participant will need their own workbook, therefore it is very important that you sign up ahead of time to allow for ordering and shipping (books cost $12, we appreciate anyone willing to pay for their own in order to defray costs!).

Will there be childcare?

Yes! We are committed to making sure all members of the congregation are able to participate, thus we will be securing childcare. Please indicate when you sign up what you anticipate your childcare needs being.

I have a friend who doesn’t go to this church, but might want to join. Is that ok?

On the first page of the study, the author writes: “In this course I assume you have already trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior and have acknowledge Him as the Lord of your life. If you have not made this important decision, the rest of the course will have little meaning for you…” So, use your best judgment! The MidWeek Alpha Study may be a more helpful study for anyone seeking out a relationship with Christ for the first time.

Will this be challenging?

Yes. We are quite sure it could mess up your life.

It requires your daily commitment to the devotions, it requires your weekly commitment to your small group, and it will even ask you to be a bit vulnerable with your small group about what God is (or isn’t) doing in your life. Furthermore, it may introduce ideas that you will fight against, and that we as a congregation will need to discern together.

However, when God messes up our lives, it’s usually to show us something bigger and better about himself. As a church staff and council, we would not be asking you to give up your Sunday evenings this fall if we were not anxiously waiting to see what God is going to do!

Will there be a winter or summer Sunday night session like this?

Again, I suppose we should never say never; but we do not anticipate doing a large group study like this again in any immediate future. This is an 11 week commitment, which will conclude the week before Thanksgiving.